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You Can’t Download A T-Shirt.
The 41510 Brand Products collaborate with Bryant Blueford to show new generation:
High Self-Esteem = GOOD. Instant Gratification = Not So GOOD

“High Self-Esteem + Value of Time and Energy = Customary Limited Release Apparel”. Clients of the The 41510 Brand understand the equation and how this formula identifies the San Francisco Bay Area from the perspective of indie Rap Music for indie Rap Artists and Collectors. With their products produced in custom limited releases with little publicity, most SF Bay Area Natives quickly embrace the math of 41510.

  1. Combination of Telephone Area codes
  2. 415 (West Bay)
  3. 510 (EastBay)
  4. 41510 Entire Bay Area
  5. Logo Apparel
  6. Established 1998

Trav Lyrics, founder of The 41510 Brand says, “As we move forward, potential clients must also know, we create unique designs, printed on high quality products from American Apparel; delivered in 5-7 days. with a money Back guarantee.” His motto is that time saved is Value-Add.

While bulk orders for wholesale are printed traditionally at the San Francisco facility, The 41510 Brand in 2011 is an on-demand machine where Online Ordering/Manufacturing/Customer Service is powered by CafePress.com, the pioneer of on-demand screen-printed products.

The Strategic relationship with Cafepress is a huge driver for collaboration with Bryant Blueford, a Sacramento State University Student and Spoken Word artist making waves in the business of Event Promotions. 22 years young with roots in the 510 (East Bay Area), Bryant is the perfect prototype we want in the traffic informing “20 somethings of 2011” about the benefits of adopting The 41510 Brand Products as part of their weekly t-shirt rotation.

With 13 years in business, The 41510 Brand remains an underground brand in a world of social networking. “Word-of-Mouth has always been our best marketing tool” says Trav Lyrics, “and Bryant gets it. The target market is online, values time, has high-self-esteem, and dares to be a bit different. Our biggest issue is that you can’t download a

Young Mr. Blueford says, “Standard delivery is 5-7 days, so instant-gratification is the enemy. I’m satisfied. I think I can help people get over that hump.”.

The 41510 Brand, founded in 1998 by Trav lyrics, gets its name from a combination of major telephone area codes of the San Francisco Bay Area at the time. 415 = WestBay. 510 = EastBay. 41510 = Entire Bay Area under one brand. The goal was to create logo-driven shirts, caps and tracksuits for rap artists and frequent travelers from the Bay Area to identify Home while touring. Again, The 41510 Brand is to the Bay Area what the Yankees’ “NY” is to New York.

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